Oct 30, 2012

Demonstrated for Yalda and asylum children.

 I'm here for Yalda, but also for myself.

A number of political parties and organizations highlighted yesterday their opposition to what they believe is a string of Norwegian asylum policy towards children. Abbas Saiadi (11) has lived in refugee centers Tromsdalen in three years.

- I have a headache almost every night because I do not know what happens to us. It is very tiring to stay in the asylum. I'm here for Yalda, but also for myself, he told the Northern Lights during the ceremony.

Around a hundred people attended. It was kept similar markings in several other Norwegian cities today.

There are now more than 450 children who have applied and been rejected for asylum in Norway, but only a few of these have been tried their cases in court.

Appeal case
Lille Yalda living in Tromsø, now waiting for the appeal for residence in Norway is up. In recent months she has become a symbol of the hundreds of children who have sought asylum.

- Dear Red-Green Government colleagues. Yalda his homeland, Norway is now, said Labor politician Kristin Røymo in its appeal.

- Current practice is too strict. I do not speak on behalf of the government. I am a member of the Labour Party. I mean harsh things about immigration policy, about work, about integration. But today I'm talking about the kids, said Røymo.

- It heats
- Children should not be held accountable for their parental responsibilities, said Røymo.

Lille Yalda and her family also attended the celebration.

- It heats very fact that so many are there for the kids, says Yalda mum Maria Gazules.

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30, October 2012
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