Nov 6, 2012

Aids-victim with 3 wives commits suicide with pesticide.

Baby left with dead mum for one day

A 35-year-old Ethiopian man with three wives and many children committed a suicide by drinking pesticide after he was told by a Saudi hospital that he was infected with Aids, a newspaper in the Gulf kingdom reported on Tuesday.
The man was rushed to hospital in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah in a serious condition after drinking a large amount of pesticide but he died a week later.
“The committed a suicide after it was confirmed that he was infected with Aids…police detained his three wives to question them on how he was infected with the killer disease,” the Arabic language daily Okaz said.
Early this year, Saudi health authorities said they had discovered nearly 14,000 cases of the acquired immuno deficiency syndrome over the past 25 years. Most of them were expatriates who have been deported.
Baby left with dead mum for one day

A two-month-old Ethiopian boy narrowly escaped death when his 24-year-old mother died of heart attack at her house in Saudi Arabia and was left alone with her body for nearly 24 hours before his father returned home.

The mother collapsed and died after having a sudden heart attack while she was on her own with her baby at their house in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

“His father was away for work…when he returned the next day, he got a dual shock when he saw his wife dead and his son crying of hunger,” Sabq daily said.

“The baby was in a bad condition and was taken to hospital while police are investigating the incident.”
06, Novemeber 2012
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