Nov 2, 2012

Ethiopia: The price of tagging along with Woyane ethnic Apartheid regime.

There is no way out of the stalemate but, for Woyane to surrender peacefully for the people’s government. The Woyane Apartheid regime is as dead as the man that created it. Only fools and the corrupt think it is still alive…on vacation.

by Teshome Debalke
If anything, Ethiopians are known to humiliate those that define us without our consent. Contrary to what the selloutsEthiopians are known to humiliate those that define us without our consent. want us and the world to believe, we don’t go out of our way to take what isn’t ours nor appreciate when others take what is ours.
Therefore, when the Woyane Apartheid regime committed the ultimate crime by eating the forbidden fruit it signed its death wish not to see eye-to-eye with Ethiopians. Ever since, Woyane is living on borrowed time; rigged elections, stolen money, manufactured propaganda, and its death squad aiming at us. What we observe now is an Apartheid regime attempting to survive by all means necessary.
The truth hurts but, it must be told over and over again until everybody gets it.

Yes, we Ethiopians are unfortunate people on earth. After we went thought one of the most brutal Leninist-Maoist authoritarian junta and hoped to get something better. Instead of getting a democratic government to breath freedom we were deprived and deserve for too long we got a defunct ethnic Apartheid regime that consumed our human sprit in to divisiveness and conflicts to force us retreat behind Woyane’s handpicked ethnic peddling warlords.
The last Apartheid regime in Africa the world buried for good resurfaced again; from all places in Ethiopia and from all groups by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) without much attention of the world. The world power brokers’ tolerance to the new Apartheid in Africa can only be described as the manifestation of the ugliest of Western Colonialists’ mindset revisited; Africans are one and the same-expandable to the pleasure of the racist institutions that still linger in the minds of the children of Colonialist as well as their subjects that choose to serve them.  After all, who would in their right mind entertain Apartheid on any people other than the mind of racists and willing subjects to it?
Ethiopians that defied the Colonialist’s definition of Africans for centuries fail victim again for a second rated mercenary called Woyane; replicating what Colonialist of Africa attempted and failed.  Sadly, Woyane and its stooges are proud of their accomplishment. Year in and year out they are romanticize the same thing Fascist was defeated for; eating the forbidden fruit of defining Ethiopians.
Not many Ethiopians comprehend the extent of the damage the Apartheid regime of Woyane brought to bare on our people and nation until each reached a point of no return by experiencing its ugliness first hand. By then, the damage is already done and too late to have the humility to accept how dim-witted we must have been to fall for the Woyane scum. The well orchestrated and executed Apartheid system on Ethiopia has the finger print of our old and new enemy all over it again.
The Apartheid regime’s apologists don’t seem to understand beyond their daily bread. Short of accepting their role as noting more than butlers of Apartheid regime taking order, they come up with lam excuses and paint rosy picture to cover-up their crimes of the Apartheid system they serve.  It should reminds us the lam excuses the South African Apartheid regime came up with during the struggle to end racist minority rule.  Now the main mastermind of ethnic Apartheid, Melse Zenawi is dead and buried his disciples are scrambling what to do with the Apartheid he left them behind. As we are witnessing they are searching for dumb and dumber to validate Apartheid is good for us.
The next best commander of the Apartheid regime that emerged to continue what his’ ‘great’ Apartheid leader started turned out to be Berket Simon.  It isn’t by accident but by design an Eritrean national that posed as Amhara emerged on the top of the Apartheid system. With his colorful background as his comrade Melse it seems his Eritrean background has everything to do with it.
For starters, Berket’s position as a propaganda Minster in the Apartheid regime isn’t by coincidence. It is preplanned conspiracy to change the glorious history of Ethiopia in to the Fascist Colonialist footnote within. For 21 long years of Woyane Apartheid rule, Berket and the late TPLF Chairman, Melse Zenawi were the only two officials that remained in the same positions since they began their camping against a nation and people they despise. Berket, as the Head of Ministry of Information (propaganda) renamed, The Government Communication Affair Minster, representing ‘Amhara region’ he doesn’t belong. And, the late Melse Zenawi, Chairman of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) as the PM of Ethiopia representing ‘the people of Tigray’ officially and the people of Eretria unofficially.
The two positions reserved for two Apartheid leaders weren’t by accident either. It is where decisions are made and propaganda is transmitted for the population to sell Apartheid as a way of life through the only Mass Media the Woyane regime controls to rewrite history.  The rest of government positions, however important they may be are irrelevant besides being foot soldiers to implement the Apartheid regime’s decisions. Carriers, assassins, money launderers, bottom feeders and the rest are only good maintaining the Apartheid system going.
Now the main mastermind of the whole Apartheid system was cut short of natural death, his closest confident and comrade Simon emerged to continue Apartheid. His recent interview with Eritrean Media regarding Ethiopia-Eritrean relationship took him to the roots of where the Apartheid system was designed. It showed the out of control Berket mindset when he and Melse along their closest associates masterminded the Apartheid system on Ethiopia.
Referring to his Eritreans country people the Woyane Apartheid regime deported in 1998 he said;
“We were wrong to chase away Eritreans. It should not have happened and it will never happen.”
Interestingly he didn’t say his people as an Eritrean himself, nor he mentioned the deportation his people of Ethiopians from Eritrea or explain what he meant by WE. Whether he is referring; we as TPLF he doesn’t belong, or we, as the Woyane regime official or we, as Ethio-Eritrean that voted to remain Ethiopian. The deportation of Eritreans was the sole responsibility of TPLF led by Melse as the deportation of Ethiopians was EPLF led by Esayas.
 ncidentally, both Berket’s parents lived in Ethiopia until they ‘voted’ for independence and relocated to Eritrea. It isn’t known if they where deported by Woyane represented by their son or voluntary moved to Eritrea.
And he went on to say;
“Badime is not our land. It belongs to Eritrea and we don’t have a problem of handing it over to Eritrea. The problem we have is how to go about it” referring to the disputed town.
Again, it isn’t clear what he meant by OURS and who authorized him to speak on behalf of Ethiopia or whether he is speaking as TPLF member that claim it is a territory of Tigray that he doesn’t belong, or whether he is speaking as Propaganda Minster of Woyane to reinforce the Woyane Apartheid system to make sure there would be a continuous animosity between the people on both side of the divided line. After all, the man has multiple identity and unofficial and ‘official’ position including the representative of the Amhara People Democratic Movement (APDM).
The bizarre behavior of Bereket resembles more like the Fascist’s local commissary appointed by the Mussolini Apartheid regime to oversee the divide region of Ethiopia fascist drew to facilitate its occupation. In fact, it is too identical to claim there is an Ethiopian government instead of an extension of Fascist running the country.
To give it a historical perspective what Ethiopia means to Ethiopians verses the indigenous commissaries of Fascist Italia it is important to go back and reexamine the brave Ethiopians that defied colonial rule verses the indigenous commissaries cowards that enforced Fascist occupation.
Likewise, the present day supporters (cowards) of the Woyane Apartheid regime are identical with their historical counterpart that served the Colonialist masters wearing a different coat.
Here we have to take caution and segregate the corrupt supporters that praise the Woyane Apartheid regime for what it offers them in terms of money and material in the name of their ethnicity verses the core supporters that serve their masters wishes to dismantle their country. The corrupt (sometimes referred as Hodams) are ignorant enough to be prey and are used to fend for Woyane while it successfully implemented the Apartheid system in their country.  As we witnessed, a plot of land was good enough incentive to handover their country for the Apartheid regime of Woyane.
In another hand, the core operatives that are dedicated to serve the Apartheid regime of Woyane to change history to fit their imagination of the status they gained under Apartheid as a trophy to their manhood.
Theses core group where Berket and his late comrade Melse along the known Apartheid peddlers belong are the problem of Ethiopians. Interestingly they operate as Tigiyans when in actuality they use Tigray as a spring board to force Apartheid on Ethiopians. If that is not the case, what is Berket Simon, an Eritrean deciding on the affair of Ethiopia?
There is noting wrong people like Eritreans seeking independence if they feel they are oppressed by successive dictatorial regimes of Ethiopia they are ruled under as they did unceremoniously. But, that wasn’t the real reason; as they quickly found out they were on the run from the new country they created; in most cases back to Ethiopia, the country they sought independence from.
Likewise, Woyane that sought independence for the People of Tigray is quick to switch and become Ethiopian defender overnight from Eritrea, while it implemented Apartheid on our country.
The problem Ethiopians face isn’t TPLF/Woyane that implemented the Apartheid system but, the supporters that paint a rosy picture of Apartheid posed as Ethiopians. Knowingly or unknowingly many Ethiopians made it possible for Woyane Apartheid to take root in their country. But, the worst offender are the core Woyane operatives that use Tigray as a springboard to create the Apartheid system on behalf of their enablers and to benefit them along the way. It should be abundantly clear these operatives coming up with all kind of excuses to cover up for Woyane are committing treason against the people of Ethiopia and will always be responsible for their crimes. Therefore, aiding and abiding Apartheid is the ultimate crime any Ethiopian would make on his/her people and country.
Now Berket, an Eritrean national posed as Ethiopian emerge as the Woyane Apartheid leader the true color of  the rotten Woyane finally came on the surface.   If there is real Ethiopian in the TPLF Apartheid gangs they must speak up now or pay the ultimate price. Making too much noise isn’t going to do it.
Ethiopian must stand guard against the Apartheid regime operatives and badmouths pumping empty propaganda on the airwave to save their skin.
Woyan regime is as dead as the man that created and led it. Only fools and the corrupt think it is still alive…on vacation…whatever. There is no way out of the stalemate but for Woyane to surrender peacefully for the people’s government
1, November 2012


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