Nov 30, 2012

Letter to the Leaders of the OLF

The following letter from Oromos from six American States (Georgia, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Washington and Oregon) was sent to on November 29, 2012.
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”
Dear Friends and Compatriots,
We have warmly welcomed the good news of reconciliation and unity made between OLF-SHG and OLF-QC, which was awaited enthusiastically for long by all Oromo. We are very grateful to the leaders of both sides for the positive response they made to the wishes and demands of reconciliation posed to them by their people. It is a good start, and we would wish them all the best in reaching the decisive and victorious destiny together.
Mistakes were done, and it is humane to make mistakes for a person who works. Mistake is said to be a best teacher for those who are willing to learn from it. By learning from the past mistake, and committing oneself not to repeat the same mistake is a wise man’s character, but persisting in it is deadly foolishness. Mind you, even wandering beasts and flying birds do not fall into the same trap. There are no charges for making mistakes, but malice like that of your ex-comrades of the so-called ODF, which passes normality and becomes inexcusable in its any measurement.

As you have come to agreement to iron out all the problems that hindered the national liberation of our nation for long period of time, it is obvious that there could be hurdles to be removed away in order to fully implement the reconciliation process. That will not panic us at all, because there is always a black sheep in every flock and prickle in any field. What matters most is your determination and zeal to bring the agreement to a full-fledged success.
Having said that, we understand that you have a lot to do and a long way to travel to bring about a true and complete oneness. To do this, you have to turn back and contemplate on the first day you left all your comfort zones to join the struggle for the national liberation of your nation, your determination, your commitment, your courage and your willingness to die for this noble cause. Again, you remember your sufferings, your thirst, your hunger and your destitute lives in the jungles of Oromia. Those of you who suffered an inhuman treatment in the prisons of our enemy at different levels and places for the cause of your people; forget not what happened to you when you are dealing with the reconciliation you have made with one another. You remember your dear comrades who sacrificed their lives for this big nation in front of your sights in battlefields, in prison, on fields and streets of their motherland. Remember your comrades and fellow Oromos who are suffering behind prison bars for this cause; think of those who are tortured and persecuted by the brutal and ruthless Habasha government. Think of these innocent Oromos uprooted from their own land, and are thrown away and facing indescribable plights.
What impression and feeling does the above paragraph give you? Losing hope or more determination to renew your pledge to your people? The latter is the better. It is clear that the above paragraph brings bad and hardly good memories back to minds in which our human entities are highly tested: they detect us to tell even if we are really competent human beings and people with determination and guts: as we are having such devastating and tragic history of being a majority in everything, but still subjugated, oppressed, exploited and completely destroyed by a minority.
Once again, we congratulate you for now as two sides of a coin and be delighted most to call you as a would-be one OLF with deeply touched hearts and joyous feelings. At last, not least, as of the day you came to your mind to serve and save your nation as one body and blood, and lead us towards common goal, we also would like to renew and express our commitment to do our shares in anyway possible and stand by your side to accomplish the job. No more bystanders, but partakers.
United We Stand; Divided We Fall!
Oromia Shall Be Free!
Oromos from State of Georgia
Oromos from State of Ohio
Oromos from State of Texas
Oromos from State of Michigan
Oromos from State of Washington
Oromos from State of Oregon
November 26, 2012


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