Nov 2, 2012

New PM unable to form cabinet.

Nov. 1 (ESAT News)–A well-placed member of the ruling party told ESAT that Hailemariam Desalegn has been unable to form his cabinet as divisions with the ruling elite is deepening. Speaking to ESAT on condition of anonymity, the official said that the ruling party had already started a process of identifying and purging members that have shown signs of dissent.
The most serious crisis is brewing within the Oromo People’s Democratic Organizations, one of the ethnic parties formed and co=opted by the TPLF to control other ethnic groups.
The official pointed out that the dispute within the EPRDF has further undermined Hailemariam residual power. It is widely believed that the new PM is only being used as a front to TPLF’s hegemony over the rest of Ethiopia.
Meanwhile, Hailemariam Desalegn, his wife Roman Tesfaye and his children reportedly moved in the national palace last Sunday after the former “first lady” vacated two weeks ago. The widow of Meles Zenawi had stalled the transfer of the palace to Hailemariam.
According to Voice of America (VOA) Amharic service, the new Prime Minister and his family received warm welcome from the palace staff.
The new PM has not still secured a permanent office as Meles Zenawi’s office is still sealed off.
2, November 2012


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