Nov 6, 2012

Over 100 Muslims detained in South Wollo.

No. 5 (ESAT News) Following clashes between residents of Degan Wereda in South Wollo a few days ago, over 100 Ethiopian Muslims have reportedly been rounded up and detained, local sources told ESAT.
While the majority being detained are said to be young people, one of the detainees is 90-year old Edris Keman, who is a respected elder in the area, ESAT sources confirmed.
According to ESAT sources, a number of young people have fled from the town for fear of persecution and detention. As tension is on the increase, the town has been surrounded by members of the federal police.
Meanwhile, the controversial government-backed Islamic Supreme Council got new leaders. Sheik Kiar Mohammed Aman was elected President while Mr. Mohammed Ali was named Vice President.
Despite the fact that the interference of the regime in the affairs of Muslims has been the one of the root causes of the struggle of Ethiopian Muslims, the government chose to ignore popular demands and installed newly appointed puppets, Muslims activists complain.
It is to be remembered that the imprisoned leaders of the interim committee to seek solution for the dispute have been recently charged with terrorism offenses.
05, November 2012


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