Nov 6, 2012

The 66 TPLF’s Parasitic Companies Under EFFORT.

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted from books published by Albert Einstein Institution.
Nonviolent Resistance (NVR) is the use of NVR weapons (strikes, boycotts, civil disobedience, mass protests, nonviolent sabotage), to disrupt the functioning of the regime and make the country ungovernable. It is to deny the tyrant the compliance, cooperation and submission he requires.
NVR isn’t just holding a demonstration, listening to speakers, and then heading home for supper. It isn’t pacifism based on moral or religious principle, either.
***Wikileaks: on TPLF’s EFFORT Companies
… EFFORT’s and similar EPRDF parties endowments’ companies receive preferential access to limited credit and/or foreign exchange stocks, or treatment on government bids and contracts, customs clearance, and import/export license. …that these “party-statals” likely receive preferences even over the special treatment received by state-owned enterprises. … Azeb’s ascendance to the EFFORT Vice Chairmanship reflects an increasing consolidation of influence within the party and control over resources by Meles and Azeb.

***Ginbot 7: on TPLF’s EFFORT Companies
The TPLF has clearly been engaged in massive corruption and unethical business practices by national or international business rules and practices since its rise to power in Ethiopia. As a ruling party, it not only owns strategic sectors of the economy and engages in commercial and trading activities, it also puts competing private sectors in a hopeless no-win situation. This preponderant economic dominance is also used as a political weapon to harass, incarcerate, dominate, weaken and control opposition forces in order to stay in power indefinitely.
Under these untenable circumstances, it is a moral imperative for the Ethiopian people to continue the struggle against the total economic and political domination of the Tigrai ethnic minority regime, that hails from one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia and produces no exportable commodity, yet, parasitically exploits the natural resources of the country for its sole benefit.
The economic hegemony of the TPLF coupled with its gross mismanagement of the nation’s resources and the massive systemic corruption that has infected the body politic of the nation is the ticking time bomb that may very well destroy the fabric of the Ethiopian society.
***Adaptable WEAPONS OF ECONOMIC BOYCOTTS (Few examples only)
Politically motivated counterfeiting
Preclusive purchasing (Reclusive buying and Preemptive buying)
Dumping (Selling at cheaper pricing)
Selective patronage
Searching Alternative markets
Choosing Alternative economic institutions
Overloading their administrative systems
Identifying and Disclosing their economic agents and assets
Naming and shaming distributors/agents and patronizers
To view the 66 TPLF Parasitic Companies Under EFFORT: CLICK here below
Full List of TPLF Parasitic Companies Under EFFORT
27,Novemeber 2011
Ethiopian Review.


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