Nov 13, 2012

The ICC urged to issue arrest warrant for TPLF praetorian war criminals based on the evidence of the jihadist sheik.

The Horn Times Newsletter-November 12, 2012
by Getahune Bekele

“In 2005, the opposition planned to overthrow the TPLF government by sacrificing 16,000 people, but the party only killed less than 1,000 individuals without using excessive force, as it has been alleged”
The bone chilling Voice of top TPLF cadre and blood relative of the late Ethiopian despot Meles Zenawi, sheik Elias Redman, 2006- ADDIS ABABA.
Called the deadly menace by the opposition after he declared jihad (holy war) on the 2005 anti Zenawi protesters, enticingThe bone chilling Voice of top TPLF cadre Elias Redman Tigre Muslim youth to join Zenawis’ private militia, the Agazit, which violently put down the rebellion, the jihadist sheik Elias Redman (pictured) is still walking free as the international criminal court continue to drag its feet to issue arrest warrants for him and for the likes of Abbay Woldu, Samora Yonus, Bereket Semeon and Sebhat Nega, the Godfathers of Africa’s only Stalinist enclave, the Tigraye republic.
Different international human right organizations put the death toll of the 2005 bloodbath at 254 with more than 30,000 arrests. The Ethiopian government admitted 193 dead and 763 injured, refusing to give the number of the detained. However, the redoubtable cleric- cadre, who was a very close friend of the dead tyrant, Meles Zenawi, said ‘only less than 1,000’ died during the violent crackdown, giving away new evidence and evoking emotions in the severely tyrannized Ethiopia.

His silly rants were aired last week by Ethiopian satellite television, ESAT, the only independent television channel, as the nation remembers those who were massacred by TPLF Trojan horses, watering the trees of liberty with their blood.
Seven years have passed in unbroken sadness of perpetual mourning for the dissolute Ethiopian society. Seven years for mothers in the dress of mourning…waiting for justice.
A retired academic who worked with Ethiopian human rights council for more than a decade was at pains to explain the attitude of the international criminal court towards the people of Ethiopia.
“Recently the international criminal court chief prosecutor Fatou B visited the site where more than 1,000 Kenyans were killed during the 2007 election violence. But she didn’t bother to come to Addis Ababa to visit areas such as Aware, Kality and Abinet where an army comprised of one minority clan massacred peaceful protesters in 2005. Aren’t we Ethiopians black enough to earn the same respect as Kenyans from the ICC officials?” asked the elderly activist who cannot be named for fear of reprisal attack by the paranoid minority junta.
The veteran activist warned that treating the 2005 bloodshed as mere election violence and letting the Tigre warlords suffering from praetorianism go unpunished will have fatal consequences.
“Here we are talking about a dishonest clannish regime which lost its moral compass when it was defeated at the ballot box in 2005 and massacred the voters for exercising their God given rights.
“When we talk about TPLF, Tigre People Liberation Front, we are talking about an outdated opportunist one clan party which governs Ethiopia the Roman Empire style… of course we are talking about a brutal Tigre coterie which is very much afraid of change.” He added.
The academic described the international criminal court’s reluctance to intervene as a politically motivated colossal blunder.
As justice continues to elude Ethiopians, the nation is slowly moving towards a costly disaster, and if the remedy be not provided soon, the grievously complaining victims will definitely take the law into their hand at some stage.
The jihadist sheik, Elias Redman was a member of the fake inquiry commission set up by the late Fuehrer Meles Zenawi to “investigate” the 2005 massacre alongside public enemy number one, Dr Mekonnen Disasa.
13, Novemeber 2012


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