Dec 18, 2012

Soldiers transport to Mekele, few arrested

By Derese Tariku, De Birhan Staffer
Addis Abeba 
18 December 2012 

Ethiopia has been transporting soldiers to Mekele, North Ethiopia since Friday 14 December, 2012. Over 20 buses carrying soldiers have so far reached Mekele. The soldiers are being collected from Shewa Robit Training Center. A private bus company, Star Bus, an affiliate of the regime, has been contracted to undertake the transportation. The same company was responsible for the transportation of soldiers to North Ethiopia for the past couple of years. The reasons for the deployment have not yet been disclosed. 

Last week, ESAT Radio had reported that over 15 Ethiopian Defense Engineering and Corporation lecturers and many middle ranking army officers from the Ethiopian Defense Forces have been arrested and were taken to Tatek Training Center.
18,December 2012


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