Jan 21, 2013

Ethiopia: The scum artists of the Millennium and the Gorilla Medias of Woyane

Time-and-time again Woyane’s scum artists feel they can getaway with empty propaganda war against Ethiopians.  After all the damages they caused and ever since the departure of the ringleader, they intensify the propaganda campaign through their new gorilla Media outlets. Can Woyane scum artists tell the truth for a change and get it over with than living a life of fugitives?

by Teshome Debalke
People shouldn’t be confused by the Woyane scum artists and their gorilla Media tactics. They know their lawless regime has no policy but directives to facilitate its scum of the Millennium. We don’t need to prove it either; they are doing it for us by covering it up by barrage of hot air through their propaganda machine from their hideout.
Look, it isn’t a rocket science to figure out cheap propaganda from the real thing. Unless the sorry scum artists think of us as fools to believe anything that fattens their pocket book is considered government. There is noting that resemble a government in Woyane run regime. They should understand, faking than actually being a government is totally different things.  Nor a barrage of lies by putting on an act to look the real thing would impress anyone, it makes it worst.

In the real world, you can’t run racketeering and assassination squads and call yourself a government but, a Mafia.  You can’t manage public property and sell it to yourself and your cronies and call yourself a government but, corrupt scum artist. You can’t write a constitution to suit your scum and call yourself a government, but tyranny, on and on. As they say goes ‘the prove is in the pudding’.
The best thing Woyane scum artist can do for themselves is declare Woyane is a Mafia willing to kill and steal to hang around, noting more to it. The so called supporters must also swallow the bitter truth and prepare for the eventuality of tagging along with Mafioso regime.
If anyone else believe otherwise, good luck; whatever happens to you is well deserved. Don’t cry foul when told you are willing accomplices in the Scum of the Millennium of the Mafioso regime. You should know, from the get go Woyane wasn’t setup to be a government and you know it. Therefore, anything it does is to distract Ethiopians from its illegitimacy and the unfinished business of democracy. At this late hour of the game, blame no one but, yourself for acting dumb and dumber and live with it.
Ever since Woyane set foot in the Ethiopian affair, thanks to the Derg regime that cleared the way, it never intended to be a government. Nor, Ethiopians expected it to be. In fact, it acts more like a notorious scavenger passing by. When Ethiopians got the opportunity to reject it peacefully, the fake veil was raised and the real Woyane came back deadlier than ever; the rest, as the say is history.
Ever since, it has been faking one thing or another to be what isn’t. From putting up a fake election to look real and offering a sweet deal to the Diaspora to shut us up all the way to slaughtering the innocent in its endless crimes against the people of Ethiopia.
The sweet deal of a plot of public land to build our dream house was the beginning of taking us hostage on our greed to shut our mouth and open our pockets. Since then, people have been dolling their hard earn money with their mouth shut while Woyane is laughing at them on the way to the bank.
The treat of its assassins faking conflicts among Ethiopians and terrorism was the beginning of its scare tactics. Since then, people are afraid to be labeled and limit their associations with their fellow Ethiopians while Woyane is laughing at us cashing in Western’s weapon depot.
Then, came Growth and Transformation Plan; selling bond to electrify our country and the latest Millennium Bond to build the Grand Dam that didn’t go anywhere. The scum artists knew all along the Dam isn’t going to be built and the money wasn’t going to be paid. In addition, the Diaspora investment scum that took Woyane top stooges across the Western world didn’t get anywhere either. A few cadres and opportunist that tagging along showed-up to create enough distraction from the real issues.
Then, came foreign investment; Chinese, Arabs and Indians running wild grabbing free land like never seen since Colonialist ransacked Africa. What do Woyane stooges and their apologist do; pushes more hot air of the Millennium to tell us our Glory days are around the corner while running with the money to the bank.
Make no mistake my people, Woyane have no policy but one scum after another to make you forget the last scum of robbing our nation. If you have any doubt about it, ask a few hard questions and you will be labeled terrorist…
Quit honestly, Ethiopians in Diaspora can at least help make the scum artist assigned to sell us propaganda and junk bond responsible for their crimes. After all, most of Woyane stooges that push the scum are under the law of the free world.  For example, all the stooges that sold you the Millennium bond were in violation of the US Security Exchange Commission rule of failing to fully disclose a financial instrument offered to the public.
It only requires better organization and clear objective of ending the scamming of the people of Ethiopia once and for all. Simply identifying the scum artists and confronting them in the court of law goes a long way to put them out of business. And, no one will dare to repeat the same scum ever again.
The peculiarity of the scum artists not reviling their identity itself proves they are hired hands playing us for fools. Their job is simple, first, to make us feel we are missing-out from the fake ‘booming economy’ to facilitate picking our pockets or distract us. Second, they want to scare us into silence.
The carrot-stick approach is the same old diversion tool all small time tyrants and their cadres use through out history.  Behind close doors, they are armies of stooges bribed to distract us from asking the hard question of illegitimacy. That is what they call hitting two birds with one stone, in Woyane’s case, with one bullet.
Take for example, the new Prime Minster’s elaborate scum in front of the Woyane’s Parliament and the way the Gorilla Medias spin it out of control.  It is one thing the poor PM is making a fool out of himself; insulting the intelligence of 90 million people but, the Gorilla Medias labor to make it look like a non Tigrian decoy as PM would make Woyane legitimate, as if Ethiopians care less what ethnicity or religion a scum artist comes from. Talk about desperate people takes desperate measures.
It took the scum artists five long months to come up with the con job while the new PM was homeless; figuring out which bed he would sleep the next night. We should feel sorry for desperate TPLF’s conmen for thinking they can fool us. The poor man couldn’t go to the bathroom without TPLF telling him how to…
Apparently, their stupidity extends to their persistence in selling us the same propaganda over-and-over again-when everyone knows it is, to borrow their own phrase, the Grand Scum of the Millennium. In reality, those that pretend to buy into it are decoys to make us believe it is real. A few that may have been fooled by the scum artists to later find out the hard way are wondering what to do and where to go next. The scam artist got to do better job than making the village scum look other than what is obvious for everyone to see.
The humorous part of the scum artist is in the Diaspora. They plead to have equal time with the few Medias outside Woyane’s control. Their aim is clear; to disrupt the Diasporas from helping end Woyane’s illegitimate rule and robbery. The shameless effort should tell us the scum artists are at war with Ethiopians on behalf of the regime than defending the people of Ethiopia. Talk about choosing sides; they have no idea what they got themselves-in; blinded by their daily bread.
The old ragtag scum artists were blunt in their attempt to legitimize the ethnic regime. They use to insult Ethiopians with empty bravado as drunken pirates would while the party lasted. But, their lies took a toll on them to sober up and see their conspiracy to hide their crimes came back to bit them. Besides occasional slip of mouth the old farts spit, the new reformed scum artists are well mannered and dressed up to look professionals in disguise to sell the world Woyane is legitimate regime.
The late PM Melse Zenawi (lord have mercy on his miserable soul), in the last few years of his misrule came up with the new approach for the young con artist. For him, it has been a long ride from a ragtag scum artist to become a well dress scum artist; wining and dining with powerful world leaders until he died.
The new junior scum artists are following his new approach, starting with faking his legacy. After all, their entire life depends on the little tyrant that left them holding the bag. Who else can they look up to but the best con artist that made them feel good robbing a nation in daylight?
They learned how to use the language of business and Media to fool us while fulfilling the expectation of their enablers. Though, they still couldn’t figure out scamming people is a lifetime commitment in deception and crimes that sucked their humanity to live a life of fugitives. In due time, it will be clear to them they have been conspiring all along to commit crime of the Millennium, if it didn’t already.
The hideout for the new scum artists is growing the economy not anymore political legitimacy. They no longer say help us feed the people they are starving by threatening the donors to doll more food aid. Instead, they are asking for investment in food security in partnership with Woyane regime.  The problem with that is the all-in-one regime is in partnership with itself. They no longer run to the rich countries begging for economic assistance. They call it investment in growth and transformation. The problem with that is they are investing on themselves and laundering the money to safe heaven… and on and on.  It is the same wine in different bottle to play us for a fools, except this time, they hire professional con artists to help them fake it.
To make it sound it is the real thing they came up with new Gorilla Medias that sounds legitimate until you explore deeper in the contents and who is behind it. You find out they are the new and improved subsidiary of the old farts Aiga Forums, the infamous badmouths of Woyane-established to push propaganda in Diaspora. Alike the old bravado Medias that shoot first and ask question later,  the new improved Media are disguised with brand names that sounds real but do the same old propaganda. It seems they are racing against time; running from the truth that is catching up on the Woyane establishment. Like their rapid assassination squad that put out flaring fire against Woyane at home front, the new con artists’ job is putting out flaring news that expose Woyane for what it is.  Quit frankly they are doing a good job faking their true identity.
Ethiopians must watch out for the Gorilla Media outlets that don’t revile the identity as most Woyane Medias. Independent Media outlets have the responsibility to find them and expose them to the world.
To identify the Gorilla Medias is simple. They don’t report on important issues that matters to the people. For example, the never talk about the regimes illegitimacy, corruption and atrocity, like why Woyane is robbing the public resources in daylight disguised as business…laundering money… and the rest.
Their only interest is to make Woyane look good while distracting us from raising the crimes of the regime. Their favorite lines of reporting are international organizations or businesses investing. They think Woyane can be vindicated as legitimate regime just because some foreign entities said something or came to invest with free giveaway.
It is sad to see people reduced to peddle for a small time corrupt regime against their people and country just because the got some leftover from the grand scum. Like doormats they are willing to clean after their bosses.
The only message for the scum artist that lives as fugitive is to surrender for the truth. Everybody understands stolen money can be too good to give up for any scum artists.
The most important thing Ethiopians need to do is expose the scum artists for the world so that they can face justice sooner or later. After all, the only reason they are hiding is because they know what they do is crime against the people. Otherwise, what possible reasons they have to hide besides the admission of guilt.
Until we clean up the nuisances in our society that cover up for tyranny our people will remain poor and under the mercy of tyranny now and in the future. The question is when are we collectively going to make conspiring with tyrants costly enough for the scum artist to surrender?
Make no mistake; it wouldn’t be long before they surrender. At the meantime let us keep them running and hiding.


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