Jan 17, 2013

The Lawless regime’s operatives and the danger it pause on Ethiopians

by Teshome Debalke
TPLF the Lawless regime of Ethiopia
The news Woyane plotted to assassinate the legendary Journalist Abeba Gellaw shouldn’t surprise anyone. It isn’t an isolated incident; many cadres in North America have been threatening Ethiopians through cyber space, by phone and in person to stop them from supporting the opposition camp for years. And many did comply than endangering their loved one at home. This case is different because Abebe Gellaw is refused to be silenced by the lowlife criminals in the US that are accustomed to get away with murder in Ethiopia.
The high profile assassination plot on Abebe Gellaw shows the increasingly desperate Woyane is beginning to realize its lawless rule is going to end; resorting in assassination plot as far as in the North America. The fact the young cadres that came to seek refugee in US reviles Woyane is using the lax US immigration policy to dispatch its assassins in North America.

It was reported the regime stanch supporters sought asylum to remain in the US to do the dirty bidding of Woyane out of
Ethiopian Ambassador Girma Birru
Ethiopian Ambassador in the U.S. Girma Birru
the Embassies in cover of diplomacy. Under the leadership of Ethiopian Ambassador Girma Birru the Embassy in Washington DC is said to be infested with spies of the regime doing the dirty job of TPLFThe Ambassador will be responsible for allowing assassins to operate under his nose.
Like any terrorist organization there is no boundary Woyane wouldn’t cross using diplomatic cover. In Africa; from North Sudan all the way to South Africa Ethiopian Embassies are used as a cover to harbor Woyane spies and assassins to do unspeakable crimes against Ethiopians.
For example, last year in South Sudan Woyane kidnapped Ethiopian refugees and attempted to transport them back to Ethiopia. The plot instigated in the Ethiopian Embassy in Juba failed when the South Sudanese security was alerted of the plot. The Minster of Interior dispatched security personal to Juba International Airport and found the assassins and the chartered plane with the refugees in it, according to The New Nation.  It is also alleged the chartered plane was disguised as transporting Peace Keepers and their supply under the UN flag. It is well known Woyane provides soldiers for Peacekeeping Mission under auspices African Union and United Nation to do its dirty bidding under cover.
Ambassador Abadi Zimo, a core TPLF member
Ambassador Abadi Zimo, a core TPLF member
Countless Ethiopians have been victims of assassination and kidnapping in Sudan alone under the Bashir government sanction. The Ethiopian Embassy in Sudan, under the leadership of Ambassador Abadi Zimo, a core TPLF member is where the plan is excusted and a safe harbor for the assassins provided under diplomatic cover. General Samora Yusuf, the Woyane defense Minster frequent trips to Sudan is related to the plot of eliminating oppositions from Sudanese territory. The clandestine operation out of the Embassy is not known for Ethiopians. The Embassy doesn’t revile its clandestine activities to the public with the only e-mail contact provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affair.
The fall out from the assassination plot on Abebe will knock on every Woyane cadres’ door in North America and elsewhere. According to FBI source, ‘several complaints were filed through out the US to the presence of Woyane’s operatives and agents are assigned to look into it. Since the crimes involve foreign government’s agents it is a Federal matter and, Ethiopians are advised to report to the FBI instead of their local police, advised the anonymous source.
The State Department is aware of Woyane’s activities for long time and closely watching the development.  The Congressional Committee on Terrorism notified and requested to call for special investigation. The Immigration and Naturalization Service is also aware of Woyane operatives seeking asylum for the purpose of spying on Ethiopians, according the source.
The assassination plot will open the opportunity to examine the recent asylum seekers fraudulent application to obtain permits to stay in the US. The fraud extends in the resettlement program of Eritrean refugee out the five refugee camps in the Tigray. It is alleged TPLF operatives are being  is resettling its spies in North America and Europe paused as Eritrean refugees.
Ethiopians should be cautious associating with Woyane operatives that would put them in incriminating positions. For example, Identity theft is one of the ways the agents use to attack Ethiopians they paused danger for the regime and everyone is venerable. It is important to safeguard your identity and personal information.
While high profile assassination plot make it to the Media most of the crimes of the agents are unreported. The agents are dispatched to infiltrate the Ethiopians community to disrupt the struggle and robe the community. Though the focus is on political crime of the agents the economic crimes are as much damaging to Ethiopians through out the world.
The so called Diaspora investors are part of the cover up of TPLF to sabotage the democratic struggle. The plot is to higher TPLF’s operatives as Diaspora investors by providing them financing and land to make it look like the regime is stable enough to attract Diaspora investors.   Special attention must be given to the so called Diaspora investors hired to do the dirty biding of the regime. There is no investment in today’s Ethiopia without doing the political bidding of TPLF’s regime to legitimize its rule and corruption. The so called investors sucked in the plot will be advised to pull out before they incriminate themselves in corruption and money laundering.
The US Attorney General Office-Corruption and Money Laundering Task Force is aware of the activities of TPLF’s operatives.  Since investigation of this magnitude is sealed no one knows how far it may be. But, similar investigations are public when charges are filed in the Federal Courts naming the offenders.
Ethiopian Ambassador Seyum Mesfin in China
Ethiopian Ambassador Seyum Mesfin in China
Other investigations are initiated by different government agencies and international organization in North America and Europe. Asia, where TPLF’s operatives led by Ethiopian Ambassador Seyum Mesfin in China have a free ride and remains a challenge to investigators of plots. The new regime in China is notified the activities of TPLF operatives. It remains to be seen how far the new Primer of the Communist Party of China that made fighting corruption his first priority would go to dismantle TPLF’s
corrupt operatives.  It worth officially notifying the Chinese government the two peoples’ bilateral relationship is not going to sustain. There would have legal ramification that would compromise all investment and loan made with the highly corrupt TPLF operatives paused as the government of Ethiopia. Deals made behind close doors without proper disclosure are not binding by international convention and rule and considered null and void on the people of Ethiopia.  Every international government, organization and investor should be notified to that fact.
Ethiopians are advised to take their association with Woyane and its operatives seriously if they want to avoid being implicated from criminal activists of the regime and its operatives. The fact the regime want to deal with you in the back door is a sign to get you involved in the criminal activity against your people that would have consequences in the future. Notifying the proper authorities to crimes of the Woyane operatives is your responsibility.
The people of Ethiopia must be free from the self confess criminal regime ruling them with impunity. There is no negotiation on the fundamental rights of the people of Ethiopia to be ruled by their own chosen government. That fact is not even denied by the ruling regime itself; pretending it is an elected representative of the people. Most of its supporters and apologist are juvenile enough to believe the regime that practically runs everything, including counting the peoples votes to make the regime legitimate. It shows without saying stupidity has no virtue; making a fool out of themselves is the best they could do.
The fact they choose to support a criminal regime against their own people says more about them than the regime itself. Therefore, they are willing to get involved in all kinds of criminality, including assassinations.  If they aren’t willing criminals against the people of Ethiopia we don’t know what they could be.
Therefore, all Ethiopians must speak in one voice; the era of criminal regime running down our people into poverty, exploitation and oppression is over and done with. Only dumb and wicked believe otherwise.
There is no question our people will be free from Woyane tyranny and its riffraff. It is long over due to finally be free to draw their destiny under their own government. Those of us that live overseas should be attentive enough the help our people than propping up a criminal regime to prolong their mystery. Our people would never forgive us nor will history be kind to our transgression.  There is no excuse whatsoever to extend the life of Woyane tyranny by one more day.
17,January 2013


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