Feb 13, 2013

Ethiopia’s Ethio Telecom boosts top-up incentives

ADDIS ABABA: Ethiopia’s leading telecommunications operator Ethio Telecom announced a new campaign to boost service and incentives for prepaid mobile users in the East African country. It comes as the Ethiopian government is worried that without concerted action to bolster the sector, Ethiopia could start to see a downturn in nationwide mobile usage.
Ethio Telecom announced on Wednesday that it had officially launched the campaign that would offer five free SMS as part of any ETB 15 recharge card purchase.
“A ETB 25 recharge entitles the user to five free SMS and three free airtime minutes, while a customer who recharges with ETB 50 will receive ten additional minutes of bonus airtime,” the company said in announcing the new deal.
“A customer recharging with ETB 100 will be entitled to 15 additional minutes of talk time within 10 days. The top-up incentives cannot be used for international calls and international SMS and are not transferable,” it added.
The hope is that through the new initiative, Ethiopian mobile users will begin to return to previous levels of usage, which has stagnated somewhat in the past year.


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