May 18, 2013

Ethiopia’s human trafficking record concerns US

During a discussion held at the US embassy in Addis Ababa, it was noted that global human trafficking and smuggling were becoming areas of concern in Ethiopia. 
Rachel Yousey, deputy senior coordinator of political affairs, said that Ethiopia’s track record on human trafficking and smuggling were among the worst in Africa and needed more attention than any other time. According to her, the US government had become alert than any other time on the matter and wanted to engage in a dialogue with the government.
It was noted on the occasion that human trafficking generates USD 32 billion in profits annually, making it the second largest from organized crime. 1.2 million children are trafficked every year throughout the world. Ethiopian and Eritrean
women are ranked at the top of the migration list to the Middle East along with maids from some of the South and East Asian countries.
The crime of human organ piracy is becoming the most atrocious crime done to human beings in the Sinai deserts where many Ethiopian, Eritrean, Djiboutian, Sudanese and Yemeni citizens pursue pretty dangerous travel across, and should be stopped, according to the deputy senior coordinator. 
Journalists also received tips and ideas on how to report when talking to victims of a human trafficking crime via video conference.  The annual report on human trafficking for the year 2012 was released on the embassy’s website.


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