Mar 31, 2014

Woyane places Semayawi chairman Ato Yilkal under house arrest


Technically he is under house arrest and the Woyane is showing early signs of growing fears.

Ato Yilkal Getnet is not coming to America to see Ato Elias any time soon. Woyane has no right to bar anyone from travelling or living their life. This is basic human right abuse.

I congratulate Woyane on the good things they do but I also condemn them on their barbaric actions
such as this one. Woyane does more evil than good.

The Ethiopian people in Washington DC and Virginia need to come out together and condemn the Woyane. They should also call on the US government to treat Woyane same way they treat the
barbaric regimes of Iran, North Korea, Syria and Prisontrea.

Ethiopian Review


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