Jul 1, 2014

Border flare up as Ethiopian militia kill 10 Sudanese soldiers

Ten Sudanese soldiers were killed Saturday by an armed Ethiopian group along the common border.
The Sudanese army, while confirming the incident, denied the involvement of any Ethiopian regular forces in the attack.
The Sudanese-Ethiopian border is tense as a result, eyewitnesses said. 
Sudanese farmers from Gedaref state told Africa Review on Sunday that another 13 Sudanese soldiers were injured in the attack.
They reported that the Sudanese paramilitary forces have massed their troops near the border to stop the Ethiopian attacks.
The Sudanese army spokesman Colonel Al-Sawarmy Khaled Saad confirmed to Africa Review the
killing of 10 Sudanese soldiers on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border in clashes with an unknown Ethiopian armed group.
He described the incident as isolated and pointed to Ethiopian militias.
The dead soldiers were members of the Sudanese paramilitary forces.
“Ethiopian gunmen attacked farmlands in the area of Basonda on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border on Saturday morning and some small clashes were still on going until Sunday morning,” he said.
“The gunmen are attempting to control agricultural projects in Basonda, which are owned by the Sudanese Popular Defence Forces,” he pointed out.
Col. Saad said they have notified the Ethiopian side of the incident.
This is the second such attack within one month.
Sudan and Ethiopia had agreed to deploy joint forces on their common border to prevent rebellion, smuggling and human trafficking.



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