Aug 31, 2014

Swedish International Criminal Investigation given the charges of top Ethiopian government officials

August 28, 2014
A Task Force established to seek justice for the martyrs and victims of the 2005 Ethiopian General election violence by the government, has submitted a charge containing the names of 13 Ethiopian government and Defense Force officials to the Swedish International Criminal Tribune.

The following officials namely; Arkebe Okubay, Bereket Simon, Abadula Gemeda, General Samora Yunus, Abaye Tsehaye, Getachew Assfea, Lieutenant General Tadese Worede, Hassen Shifa, Mulugeta Berhe, Nega Berhe, Workneh Gebeyehu, Commander Semre and one other official whose name has not been
disclosed, were charged with ordering the killing, rape, arrest, dismissal, exile and the abduction of citizens.

Mola Yigzaw, one of the coordinators and main organisers of the charges, said to ESAT that the Swedish International Criminal Investigation Police has been satisfied with the contents of the charges, the documentary and video evidences.

The Police officer who is investigating the Ethiopian case is an experienced officer who also investigated the crimes committed in Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The officer told the Task Force that he has already started the investigation.

Asked what authority Sweden has to sue Ethiopian government officials, Mola said “the reason to file the charges in Sweden was the recent decision of the Swedish parliament that any military crime or human rights violation committed anywhere can be tried in a Swedish Court”.

As soon as the Swedish police finish the investigation, it will pass the charges to the prosecutor who will file the charges in the Swedish International Military Tribunal, Mola said.

The current and future results of Police investigations would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). The Council will be asked to give an order for the charges to be presented in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The current charge focuses on individual officials but more charges will be brought up soon which include the Ethiopian government. Following that attempts will be made to freeze the money and assets of the Ethiopian government that is found abroad.

Mola said that the charges will also soon include the heads of the 34 Defense Battalions that led the massacre and pleaded the public to help in identifying their names and details.

Mola also divulged that there is an ongoing effort via INTERPOL to pursue government officials who are suspected of involvements in the Ogaden region massacre.

He also said that the name of the 13th person in the charge has been deliberately withheld.

ESAT has been receiving a number of phone calls since breaking the News.


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