Sep 5, 2014

Eritrea Diplomat sent home

Sweden has ordered the first secretary of the dictatorship Eritrean embassy to leave the country, experiencing the TT. The diplomat had 48 hours to leave the country. He pointed out as a key figure for refugee espionage in Scandinavia.

- I can confirm that a foreign diplomat has been asked to leave the country, but I can not go into why or disclose the identity of the person concerned, says the Ministry's Communications Charlotta Ozaki Macías DN.

UD has put the lid on all the details of the case and has a policy not say which country sent a diplomat comes from. TT on the other hand, several independent
sources confirming that the case of the Eritrean first secretary.

- It has been a long time coming to an Eritrean diplomat would be expelled, says a source with the promise of anonymity.
Many Swedish-Eritreans testify about how the embassy pushes them to pay a special tax exile of two percent of income - otherwise they may not identification documents, their relatives in the home country gets into trouble, they claim.

The embassy also blamed periodically to spy on Swedish-Eritreans who are critical of the very strict dictatorship in Sweden perhaps most famous for the arrest of Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak.

First Secretary is according to information at the TT, which in practice leads embassy. He has become known for organizing festivals and other meetings in support of the regime, gatherings described as important sources of income for the dictatorship.
- He has kept a very low profile but we Eritreans know that it is he who decides. He represents the party and the embassy does nothing without his recognition, says Meron Estefanos, Swedish-Eritrean journalist and activist DN.

The Swedish-Eritrean parliamentarian Arhe Hamednaca (S) welcomes expulsion and pointing out the diplomat as a key person at the Embassy which is ultimately responsible for the refugee espionage throughout the Nordic region.
Arhe Hamednaca hope that Friday's decision is the first step toward shutting down the Eritrean Embassy in Sweden completely and that it will lead to similar decisions in the EU. According to him, the Eritrean mission no embassy in the strict sense, but rather a tool to terrorize democratic forces.

- And in order to raise money in various ways to the regime's survival. This is a clear signal that Sweden is not a platform for a tyranny, he adds.
FP's foreign policy spokesperson Fredrik Malm, who are engaged in issues concerning Eritrea, is in favor of the expulsion.

- It is welcome that Sweden takes action against Eritrea. This should be the first step. The goal must be to the economic recovery Eritrea engage in Sweden ends, he said to TT.
Charlotta Ozaki Macías says that UD will not comment on the expulsion more. She would not give the reasons may be behind the expulsion of embassy staff from Sweden.

- The diplomatic interaction is very strict and I can not go into details either specifically or generally, she says.
Diplomats can not be held accountable for crimes, however, they can be declared persona non grata, undesirable, and deported.

DN has sought Eritrean embassy.

DN( google translated)


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