Sep 12, 2014

Ex-President of Ethiopia’s Gambella region makes TPLF leaders liable for massacre

Omod Obang, the former President of the Gambella Regional State of Ethiopia and then the State Minister of Ethiopian Federal Affairs before he fled the country few months ago, had made the top leaders of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) guilty for the death of 400 people in Gambella region in the 2003 killing.

He gave a detailed interview for the first time since leaving Ethiopia for ESAT Television. He
said TPLF’s top official, Abay Tsehaye, had played a huge role in the killing in the region.
He also spoke about the corruption and land grab in Gambella.
The ruling Front’s official, Addisu Legesse, said in a recent document that it has been difficult to find a “loyal person from Gambella region”.
ESAT will air the full interview with Omod in the coming days.


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