Sep 15, 2014

Many die, flee attack in Gambella

A new attack that was started by the Mezhenger communities in the Godere and Micha areas of Gambella has left many dead. Some of the dead bodies have not yet been collected. The clash that began following the campaigns that called for all other communities but Gambella to leave the region has caused a lot of bloodshed and also forced over 1000 people to flee to Tepi city.
According to those who follow the case closely, the main cause of the conflict is the land grab by retired
Defense officials of the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), who displaced the local residents.
The members of the Mezhenger community are indiscriminately attacking people. They have killed many and wounded evicted thousands in the last two months alone, ESAT’s sources in the area said.
The detention of the Region’s Security Chief and the abduction and transfer of the former president of the regional state, Okelo Aquaye, from South Sudan to Addis Abeba, has triggered the conflict.
The Federal Police officers that have been sent to the Region have faced deadly attack from the armed groups.
ESAT’s effort to speak to the officials of the Region about the conflict that is still continuing has been unsuccessful.
ESAT has reported in yesterday’s Prime Time News that the number of dead people was 9 however recent indicate that the number could well above be that.


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