ABOUT ME and is my website , which help me to sharing perfect opportunity for freedom of speech express, using blogs,social networking site (facebooktwitter) and website to express personal views in support.

The Ethio facist Ethiopian Government spent millions jamming Ethiopian Media out lets while citizens are struggle to make ends meet as poverty grows.we feel that exposing this and other practices will bring about change as the world starts to see what is really going on there. free media for Ethiopia is not a political group even through many contributors to free media for Ethiopia may express an interest in political.


 -Prison political, personal right and disappearance freedom of expressions /write free 

-peace, justice, all equal to justice and peace 

-using website ,socila networking site ,video sharing and websites to express personal views in support

-attending political convenions as a delegate or observer.

-In Ethiopia defined the permitted and prohibited political activities.

-Free Election in Ethiopia

-Democracy change in Ethiopia

-Stop ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia

-people must be treated as humans and we will never accept discrimination.